Thursday, September 30, 2004

Handbag fetish

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It's so hard to walk on the streets of Manhattan and resist the urge to splurge! Especially if you're a woman and want to have matching accessories for all your latest fashions.

I've found that shopping off the streets is a great way to stay trendy while not breaking the bank. For example, I bought this great baby blue coloured handbag from a Nigeran vendor on 23rd and Park Avenue South. I was thrilled to seal the deal for just $20 and you can't imagine how many of my friends have asked me which designer I bought it from!

The only trouble is when you start buying too many of these and there's no place to store them in the already jam-packed Manhattan flats. Harsha is very annoyed by how much closet space my handbags alone take up so I imagine his wrath everytime I'm tempted! So now I've become an earring junkie cause they take up less space but are good for accessorizing as well..

If you're in the mood for a handbag spree, head down to Union Square where many of these Nigerian fellas set up temporary shop at the street corners. Good luck in a keep a tight rein on those purse strings!


Blogger gs said...

hi lulu
from restaurants to road shopping.that is a welcome change.otherwise you would have got branded as a foodie!.i normally carry such handbags as gifts when i go abroad and the recipients always go ga ga.amma had bought something similar for herself many months back!. so you are on a common plane.she also has a lot of weakness for handbags.but then ov is much bigger than 777.if you have the space in your suitcase bring all the extras when you come over in december.after all between harsha and you you can bring 4 any case i need one,after having lost mine in the london bilbao route!.just a question. are these nigerian guys on the road like our hawkers down here.or is it that they have regular shops?.our hawkers have become such a formidable force that they cannot be shaken up.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous christian said...

Good things come to those who wait for handbag purse related sites like yours. Thanks!

1:56 AM  
Blogger said...

Nice bag Lulu! I love your blogs. You should keep all three together instead of separate!


12:24 PM  

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