Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hookahs @ Horus

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Alphabet City is the place to be at night these days. Packed with lots of interesting bars and restaurants, this is where the nightlife is most exciting.

One of our favourite hang-outs in this area of town is an Egyptian cafe called Horus, named for a famous Egyptian God.
We first chanced upon it a few months ago when we ditched a plan at Le Souk nearby (also a Middle-Eastern bar/cafe) when they were charging $300 entry because there were long lines of party-goers dying to get in! We walked around trying to find something else and were thrilled to find Horus, an unassuming cafe which actually turned out to be a terrific find and now we like it even better than Le Souk!

The atmosphere is fantastic and the service is excellent. The Egyptian owner, Mohammed, and the main server, Ali Baba, are very charming and friendly. They go out of their way to make sure their guests have a fabulous evening. The decor is pretty typical for this type of restaurant - a mix of table and floor seating with lots of colourful decorations. Belly dancers charm the crowd every few hours. The music system belts out Arabic, Punjabi and Spanish hits. They even have outdoor seating which is very popular.

The food is ok (standard Middle-Eastern fare with limited choice for vegetarians) but the hookahs are great. They have over 20 flavours to choose from. I recommend the double-apple and the peach hookah. Stay away from the cappucino flavoured one which tastes like soap!

All in a all, a great place for fun-filled, raucous evenings with large group of friends.

Horus Cafe
Middle Eastern

93 Avenue B, New York 10009
Phone: 212-777-9199


Blogger gs said...

hi lulu
if you have picked the packet from aditi,i would urge harsha and you to go to horus again with your colourful t-shirts on!.in fact,i am wearing one now as i type my comments on your latest addition to your blog.
you seem to be discovering a new place every day.or night.harsha must have enjoyed the hookah session.i still remember when we went out with his mom to a middle eastern restaurant in sf when they both hooked the hookah!.it is amazing,all these new restaurants that you keep seem to be possessing the dog's proverbial sniff for such must share your experiences with amma by a separate email because she is still fresh from pyramids and belle-dancers.we even have an egyptian corner in our drawing hall!.will send you a snap soon.

12:15 PM  
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