Friday, September 03, 2004

Bombay Dreams on Broadway

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Lush. Extravagant. Melodramatic. Spectacular. Bollywood on Broadway. These are the words and phrases that came to my mind while I watched the hit-musical, Bombay Dreams, last night. The show is an Andrew Lloyd-Weber production with music by A.R.Rahman.

This was my first experience seeing a Broadway show so I was understandably excited. I have to admit that it took me a while to get into the show though. The first few songs were not that great and it takes a little getting used to the loudness and garishness of it all. Once I let go of my expectations though, I started enjoying the show and appreciating all the amazing efforts that went into creating it.

The stortyline is pretty straightforward - a typical rags to riches story. General themes covered are the spoils of success, true love, loyalty to family, never forgetting one's roots etc. The most thrilling part of the 3 hours for me was the water scene, which is usually the steamiest part of any Bollywood film. During a song-dance sequence with Ayesha Dharkar at her sizzling best, the stage suddenly turns into a beautiful water fountain that rises to quite a height and thouroughly drenches the dance troupe and even some folks in the audience! The whole manner in which this water scene was pulled off was terrific.

All in all, I was impressed by the superb performance by Manu Narayan (hero), the excellent production qualities of the show and just the whole extravaganze of it all.

A must see for sure!


Blogger gs said...

hi lulu
i am happy you enjoyed seeing the broadway show after some initial hiccups.yes,it must have been a great extravaganza and sometimes is famous for such shows but then the play being a subject with which you could easily relate,must have made it more appealing.
4 holidays in a is a chota vacation.after one at sf.good for you.leisure is a great medicine. make the most of it.
i am off to europe tonight and will send you pictures on my return.i have 101 meetings and it is avery tight schedule.lots of travelling but one weekend at london will make up for the tiring itinerary.

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