Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bondi Beach

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A trip to Sydney would not be complete without a visit to Bondi Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world for surfing.

Bondi is a thirty minute cab ride from the W through many of the city's nicest neighbourhoods. I got a good flavour for the residential parts of Sydney while driving to the beach. There are distinct neighbourhoods (some more chi chi than others) each with its own character but they all blend well together to create a cosmopolitan and chic city.

The waves at Bondi Beach were as large as I've ever seen in my life. Tightly clad surfers hurled themselves on wave after wave despite the overcast weather and ice cold water. It was fascinating to watch them smoothly manoeuver their bodies in sync with the ocean. I think I was finally beginning to understand what the surfer coolness was all about.

The promenade at Bondi has lots of interesting cafes, restaurants and shops were I spent a couple of hours. Even though it's so very touristy, it feels pretty authentic given how many Aussies seem to hang out there all the time. Apparently, the thing to do on weekends in Sydney is to head to Bondi, frolick in the sea, devour breakfast and then leisurely read the paper over a fine cuppa coffeee all morning long. What a life!


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