Monday, February 14, 2005

Heaven on earth

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I'm so in love with Sydney. It's so spectacularly gorgeous down here, I'm amazed we've all not migrated to Australia. I thought San Francisco was the most beautiful city in the world but I'm quickly changing my mind (and my heart).

While strolling around today, I discovered an oasis of 74 hectares in the heart of the city occupying a beautiful position at the harbour's edge. The Royal Botanic Gardens has every shade of green one can imagine in nature. From the very light shades of lemongrass to the deep, dark tones of a palm leaf, RBG is an artist's paradise. The lushness of the flora and fauna is truly refreshing to the senses.

Walking around with the gentle breeze from the bay, you can perceptibly feel a tremendous sense of oneness with nature. It was great to see so many people enjoying the beauty of the gardens. Being Valentine's Day, there were lots of couples spread out on blankets in different pockets of the gardens, locked in eachother's gazes and sipping some champagne on a splendid summer day.

The garden has many different levels and sections including a Herb Garden and a Tropical Centre but my favourite part is the Farm Cove (and arched pathway) from which you get breathtaking views of the Opera House. Sydneysiders seem to love this area as well as it was packed with joggers and walkers alike even at lunch time on a working day!


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