Saturday, June 11, 2005

When you've got it, flaunt it!

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That's my favourite line from the Broadway hit musical, The Producers to which I got a free ticket on Tuesday night. My sister-in-law had bought tickets for her family who was visiting from Bombay and were really keen on a Broadway show but she couldn't make it on the day of the musical because of work. So lucky me, I experienced theatre without going through any of the hassle associated with securing a ticket, researching the shows etc.

The only other show I've seen is Bombay Dreams so Broadway is still all new to me. In both shows, it took me at least 30 minutes to start appreciating the show and the experience itself. My first reaction seems to be one of disgust because of the melodrama, the loudness and the crassness of it all. But then when I suspend judgement and just start enjoying the spectacle, I have a really good time.

The Producers is a delightful tale of a once-famous Broadway producer who discovers through his accountant that he can actually make money by producing flops. So he and his accountant set out to find the worst story line and the worst actors to create a show which they are sure will be a mega loss. But as it turns out, their show (a riff on Hitler with a big cast of gay characters) turns out to be very successful. There's a lot more to this but that's the jist of The Producers for those wanting to see it. The acting was superb as evidenced by the long list of Tony awards that the show has won. The creativity and imagination that goes into producing such musicals is truly astounding.

My favourite character in the show is Ulla who the producer and his accountant ("the producers") hire as their secretary to help them produce their flop. She does a lovely Swedish accent that is so endearing. And she has a body and voice that had all the men AND women in the show drooling after!

Now that I've begun to enjoy Broadway, expect more musical reviews that go further than the basic story line :)

St. James Theatre
246 W. 44th Street
btw Broadway and 8th


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