Sunday, August 15, 2004

Indian Chinese cravings

Chinese Mirch at 28th and Lexington
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Bombayites in the U.S have always lamented over the lack of Indian Chinese restaurants like China Garden. In dire times, we even fondly recall the pungent odours coming from the Chinese Kitchen at Bombay Gym and the CCI! Now thanks to Chinese Mirch that opened 7 months ago in Manhattan, we can satiate our appetite for chili garlic potatoes, wonton soup and vegetable manchurain!

We checked out the weekend lunch menu at Chinese Mirch today. From the minute we stepped in, I knew right away that I would not be disappointed. You couldn't miss the distinct pungency of sauteeing garlic and onion. The ambience was pleasant and charming and the waiters were very friendly.

Between Harhsa, Anaka and I we tried the lemon coriander soup, chili potatoes, vegetables in a black sauce and chili garlic noodles. I loved the lemony flavours in the soup. The slices of shiitake added a nice touch. Harsha was delighted to have green chilies in vinegar and red chili sauce to add to his soup!

The chili garlic noodles were the runaway favourite. Lo mein is stir fried with turmeric and then tossed with garlic and red chili - it made such a simple yet flavourful accompaniment to the vegetable dish.
I was thankful that my mom wasn't around - she would not have been pleased with the amount of garlic that was being consumed.

The dessert menu was surprisingly varied with options like cheesecake and molten cake but I was drawn to the lychees and vanilla ice cream option which was mouth-watering.

Harsha grabbed the take-out menu on our way out so we could order in when the Indian-Chinese craving hit us next!

120 Lexington Avenue (28th Street), Manhattan; (212) 532-3663.

BEST DISHES (according to a New York Times foodie):

Lemon coriander soup; chicken lollipop; crispy okra; fried cauliflower; chili chicken; Sichuan prawns; crispy Sichuan lamb; chili garlic noodles.


Blogger Amy Sherman said...

Chili garlic noodles sound yummy! Do you think you can repplicate at home? If so please post the recipe.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Lulu said...

Sounds like a fine weekend endeavour, Amy. I will make an attempt (after a visit to Kalyustyans of course!) and share the recipe...

2:31 PM  

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