Monday, November 22, 2004

A tres funky subterranean bar

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Only in New York will an Italian lounge and bar be serving hookahs in five delicious flavours and serving drinks with names like Mozart Martini and Altamira. Talk about a fusion of different cultures! Welcome to La Caverna, a hip hangout modeled after Roman caves during the era surrounding 1500 BC.

The ambience at La Caverna is very unusual and unlike any other bar in the city. Sip on cocktails and soak in the feeling of being transported to La Grotte de Lascaux in France. The Italian designers who visualized the space did a fine job creating stalagmites and stalactites and even cave paintings that lend the restaurant a surreal feeling. The dimly lit scene lends a mysterious aura.

I thoroughly enjoyed chilling out at La Caverna over the weekend with my friend, Aylin, and the Turkish mafia from the Cathedral-equivalent of Istanbul. The food was very ordinary and quite greasy. But the friendly staff cheerfully accomodated our boisterous group which more than made up for the less than memorable food.

I suspect that snuggling up in one of the large peach colored leather couches would actually be quite a delightful way to unwind with a loved one after a hectic work day...

122-124 Rivington Street


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