Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Fond(ue) Memories

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I've always considered fondue the ultimate social magnet. Bring together good friends, plenty of grated cheese, a few caraffes of the best wine and lots of cubed bread and veggies. What a fine recipe for elegant entertaining at home!

I had some of my girlfriends over for cheese and chocolate fondue last night. We got to know each other better and bonded over a delicious blend of gruyere, emmental and parmesan. This was followed by dark chocolate and orange fondue with plenty of the pound cake I told you I baked yesterday. I always thought that cooking was the way to a man's heart but I'm fast discovering that it's a great way to forge new ties with my girlfriends as well. I especially love the intimate atmosphere created over a pot of melting indulgences. The spirit of "letting go" easily carries over from the meal to the conversation. After all, why hold back on speaking one's heart when not holding back on all the cheese and chocolate?

I'm finding that my wonderful girlfriends are making my transition to the hectic Manhattan life so much easier. Whether it's advice on what kind of winter coat I should invest in or a sympathetic ear when someone was terribly rude, I've been able to survive this edgy city so far thanks to all the kindness and warmth of my wonderful girlfriends. So thanks to all you without whom I'd be on the way to JFK catching the next flight to SFO.


Blogger gs said...

may i call your group the 'madonnas of manhattan' in all its positive aspects.parties at home to entertain good friends/acquaintances accompanied by the great spread that you have written about can become an excellent bonding agent.keep up the bonhomie!

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