Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Demystifying writing

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Writing can be somewhat of a mysterious process. Writer's block can be a real deterrent that really sucks the fun out of self-expression.My whole attitude to writing has changed dramatically after a very empowering, intensive course that I took this past Sunday offered by Gotham Writers' Workshop, New York's most comprehensive writing class. You can take a course that runs 10-weeks, one-day or even online.

I was like an enthusiastic eight-grader, lapping up every word that the instructor uttered. An attractive thirty year old young woman with a calm demeanour and a sparkling smile led us through important elements of nonfiction writing. She had a straightforward style and easy manner which helped in keeping us engaged throughout the seven hours. She was an expert at positive criticism, encouraging and building on our strengths while showing areas for improvement.

Opportunities for nonfiction writers are everywhere - magazine, newspapers, books, the Internet. The best part about nonfiction writing is that is becoming increasingly creative and diverse embracing many different subjects and styles. We learnt how to successfully pitch stories to editors of local newspapers and magazines and how to get published. Of course, with all the best blogging tools easily accessible, who needs the media, right?

If you're looking to kick-start your writing process or just for a few tips and tricks, Gothams' is definitely worth checking out.


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i am very impressed with the interest you are taking in sharpening your skills in a wide variety of subjects.your arsenal is becoming very formidable.happy to note that you derived immense benefit from gotham's worshop.have you enrolled for a longer duration? i will examine whether i should do the same online.
happy writing.

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