Sunday, December 26, 2004

From Manhattan to Bombay!

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Are you tired as yet of seeing "Tapas y mas" every time you log on to my blog? So sorry for not posting for more than two weeks! I am currently in Bombay (Mumbai) on vacation and had every intention of sharing my experiences here and comparing and contrasting with Manhattan on a daily basis. But the internet connection at my home is painstakingly slow and I run out of patience every time. I'll do my best however to post as often as I can as I will be here for a while.

First off, I've seen more New Yorkers in Bombay than Bombayites. Of course, this is not entirely true but it certainly feels that way. Everywhere we go out in South Bombay - from the shopping arcade at The Oberoi to the pani puri stall at Kailash Parbhat to chi chi Indigo and of course, Bombay Gymkahana - we seem to be bumping into our desi friends from Manhattan. I guess we're all homesick and dying to relive our favourite experiences from the minute we land. It definitely feels like many truckloads of NRIs (Non resident Indians) have descended on the city.

Stay tuned folks, I'll be posting regularly from Bombay...


Blogger Amy Sherman said...

Looking forward to hearing what you are up to on your trip!

12:38 PM  
Blogger gs said...

come on lulu,don't make such a fuss.i also have a blog and internet speed is not an issue at all.

6:56 AM  

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