Monday, January 03, 2005


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Despite the easy availability of branded and packaged coconut water all over Bombay, I'm still drawn to the charm of the roadside nariyalwala and his simple coconut water offering.

I went to Marine Drive this morning to find my favourite vendor but was sad to learn that the cops had driven him away. Apparently there are very strict rules these days and one needs to have a license to sell. Disappointed to not meet the guy who cut a coconut for me so often while I was in business school, I drove to the Fort area for some other errands and came across a friendly chap who enticed me to taste his special coconut with extra malai(cream)!

I watched as the nariyalwala expertly chopped off the top of the coconut with his rusty looking knife and stuck a slightly dirty straw into the fruit. I winced as I examined the germ infested straw before sipping but quickly let go of my NRI hangups. I prayed that my immune system that was developed on Bombay food and drink would withold the onslaught of germs! The coconut water was so refreshing and the creamy coconut was delicious.

Coconut water is a favourite health and beauty aid among Bollywood stars and Bombayites alike. It helps raise your metabolism, boost your immune system, cleanse your digestive tract, detox and fight viruses and even reduce your risk of cancer. Because it regulates the intestine, Coconut water can help you have better skin. Given all these amazing benefits, it is a highly sought ingredient in beauty products. I totally rely on coconut oil for thick, lustrous hair and coconut body cream for smooth and soft skin.

How I wish the nariyalwalas like the taxiwalas would migrate to Manhattan soon so we can all drink coconut water every day!


Blogger Encarna said...

Finally!!...someone who shares my obsession for Nareeyal paani. I'm obsessed with it these days(2 months now)..& in delhi winter, its not easy finding the nareeyalpaani wala, but obsessions find their way always. I also read somewhere that its as healthy as breast milk( as grosse as that may sound). Interesting blog....found it quite by chance...keep clicking the next blog tab on blogger to surf

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another amazing location to try out the Latin coconutwallahs (agua de coco) is Rio de Janeiro, especially on Ipanema beach. They even set you up with beach chairs and food... perfect accompaniments to this healthy, delicious beverage. We need to get it on the radar of all the health nuts here.

1:24 PM  
Blogger Lulu said...

Great to see that both of you share my love for coconut water.
Rio is definitely on my list of top places to visit. Some day, I hope!

8:23 PM  

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