Saturday, April 16, 2005

Herald Square

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The intersection of Broadway and Sixth Avenue at 34th street is one of the busiest shopping districts in Manhattan. Here stands one of the city's most famous icons - Macy's Department Store. It stretches an entire avenue and has more than twelve floors. Macy's sells everything from woolen gloves to leather furniture. I've always wondered how they protect the merchandise given the sheer volume of traffic circulating through the store on any given day, not even thinking of the big shopping days.

I was in Herald Square a few days back and was quite struck by the potted plants on display at the entrance to the Herald Square garden, a small area where you can sit on a bench and breathe for a few minutes before rushing to the next big store. I just loved the yellow and purple flowers in the pots. They looked so happy and cheery that they instantly lifted my spirits. Being a bit far off from Central Park, I love any semblance of nature closer home.

Are these flowers St. John's Worts and Bugles? Or Yellow Iris and Alfalfa? I'm not very good at identifying flowers so your guess is probably better than mine! Any guesses based on the photo?


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