Monday, April 11, 2005

The West Side Highway

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One of my favourite ways to de-stress in Manhattan (and get some exercise at the same time) is to take a long walk along the West Side Highway from Midtown to the West Village. Wish the highway looked like it did in the photo which I'm guessing was taken in the 1930s.

I enjoyed my first walk of the year yesterday evening with my friend, Shri. It wasn't as warm as I was hoping it would be, so I ended up wearing my fleece the entire time. Shri had her fancy digital camera along and was busy clicking away while I tried to avoid obstructing the bikers and rollerbladers charging along the pedestrian pathway.

The Hudon River and the New Jersey skyline provided spectacular views at dusk. The constant traffic on the highway was quite noisy, but just being near the water was calming in its own peculiar way. We turned inland around at around 10th street and made our way home through the West Village. Even though we both love our neighbourhood, Chelsea, the West Village's drooling charm seduced us into wishing for a new place to call home.


Blogger gs said...

yes walking is a great stressbuster.though i am not a walking buff,when i do feel suffocated mentally due to overwork, i prefer to take a nice long walk to nariman point and back.and i love this walk particularly after it has just rained.the earthy smell and the sea breeze rejuvenate you.

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