Friday, April 01, 2005

Manhattan Fruit Exchange

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Chelsea market is home to Manhattan Fruit Exchange, a wholesale fruit and vegetable market that sells a dazzling array of produce at decent prices.

Walking through this indoor market last weekend, I was totally blown away by the sheer variety of fresh produce. From a dozen types of hot peppers to almost every kind of leafy green that grows on earth, this market is a total delight for those of us who must get our daily servings of fruits and vegetables. I was so taken up by everything on sale that I actually didn't buy anything. It's true how they say that too much choice is paralysing!

Before I head back to Manhattan Fruit Exchange, I'm going to consult Alice Waters' Chez Pannise Vegetables and Chez Pannise Fruit cookbooks.


Blogger gs said...

lulu,you seem to be discovering some new place almost every day.and you do have a fascination for fresh fruits and vegetables.eating fruits and vegetables is the most sensible thing to do.when we cook the vegetables and add spices for taste we lose almost all the nutrients.the alternative is to eat them semi-cooked if eating them raw is not possible.then you can gainfully absorb all the vitamins.and to get the freshest and best fruits and vegetables all under one roof is great.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Lulu said...

what i blog about is one tenth of what's available in new york. even if blogging was my full-time job, i'd still never run out of new things to write about in this amazing city.
you've got to come visit this summer. you'll love it.

3:29 PM  
Blogger gs said...

yes,you are right.i am dying to visit new york after reading so much about this city in your blogs,

8:56 PM  

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