Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Midtown midweek

Uz, Lu and Pa
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I (lusrinivasan@pollux.davidson.edu) rode the subway today from 23rd and Broadway to midtwon to meet my buddies Paul (pashottes@pollux.davidson.edu) and Uzra (uzkhandker@pollux.davidson.edu). I can't quite describe what this area of Manhattan feels like - it's an interesting corporate-touristy-upscaley neighbourhood if there's such a description.

There's a distinct corporate feel you get from all the folks walking around in tailored Armani suits and the screaming Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley headquarters. Then there's this touristy feel you get like North Beach in SF with all the neon lights and I love NYC T.Shirt shops! And finally, you see a lot of manicured-pedicured gorgeous blondes with Sak's Fifth Avenue shopping bags...

I found my way to Trousdale Lounge located in the boutique Amsterdam Hotel. The baby blue and chocolate decor charmed me right away. It seems to be hot these days - BR Men's fall fashion has a lot of baby blue and chocolate brown hues! I loved the Beverley Hills like atmosphere even though it was a tad pretentious.

The drinks menu has unusual selections like the Ole-au-Lait, Shady Lady and the Champagne Mojito...

I opted for the Ole-Au-Lait and spent all evening trying to discern the Stolichnaya Vanil vodka, Kahlua coffee liquer, half & half and dark creme de cacao flavours..

I am sure I will be returning to this spot in midtown soon....

Trousdale Bar & Lounge
W50th btw Broadway and 8th Avenue


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