Saturday, October 02, 2004


Exotic cloth wall hangings at Mamlouk
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Middle-Eastern places are all over the country these days and they're definitely a hot favourite with the desi crowd in Manhattan. Last night we dined with my brother-in-law and his buddies at Mamlouk in the East Village.

What I loved most about the experience was not having to do much at all. Having ordered the $35 six-course prix fixe menu, all we had to do was relax and have a great time chatting and laughing with friends. Our table was located in the lower level of the restaurant where they pack in as many groups as possible so it's a cosy ambience indeed.

The prix fixe menu changes every night but usually consists of appetizers, a salad, a veg option and two non veg main courses. I was plesantly surprised with the quality of the vegetarian food including terrific pita bread and a variety of cold spreads. This was followed by a minty and tangy fattoush salad and then a cheese filled pie which melted in our mouths. The entree was a vegetable moussaka served on a bed of rice which was very flavourful indeed. Of course, the best part was dessert which was a just-out-of-the-oven baklava. The only disappointment for our group was that they didn't serve hookahs so we headed to Horus, a few blocks away.

211 E. 4th St. (East Village)
between Avenues A and B


Blogger gs said...

hello lulu
it is always refreshing to read your latest postings on the blog.initially i thought it was to do something with egyptian embroidery when i saw the the by,do you carry your digicamera with do you get these pictures.i am sure you must be doing so,but then i wanted to clear my doubts.
i find eating out in a mideastern restaurant quite is that you are assured of some nan/pitta bread.the other is the tangy salad.and if there is a cooperative chef like in tavernaki at dusseldorf your hunger pangs get fully satiated.
were any cloth hangings also avaiable for sale at mamalouk

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