Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Naked Chef really takes off!

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This afternoon, while I was strolling around in Chelsea on 7th avenue near 20th street, I found a terrific street vendor who stocks the nicest collection of cookbooks for half the price. I was thrilled to bits to hold and savour a copy of my favourite chef's latest labour of love - Jamie's Dinners by Jamie Oliver. This is all the more amazing because the book is not supposed to be coming out in the U.S until November 3rd!

Jamie's newest cookbook is similar to his previous ones in terms of look and feel but it is ten times richer in content and ideas. He uses the same Naked Chefesque voice to entice beginning cooks as well as more experienced ones to try his simple recipes for the most tasty meals.

To my total delight, Jamie has devoted much attention to the preparation of vegetables as a focal point of meals rather than just side dishes. I also love his section on soups where he has a great recipe for a yummy french onion soup - he even suggested using vegetable stock for this dish. The Top Ten section contains his best recipes ever as voted by his loyal fans online. The apple pie recipe that calls for both cooking and eating apples in the filling looks really delicious.

I'm still devouring every page of the book but my favourite section thus far is called Family Tree. Here, Jamie shows how by mastering a few basic recipes, one really expand one's repertoire as a cook and start thinking about food in creative ways.

The Naked Chef is truly coming of age. From the naughty British boy he was in The Naked Chef, he has evolved to a genuine family man dedicated to the three women in hif life - his wife, Jools, and baby girls, Poppy and Daisy. His latest book is a real tribute to family and the importance that food plays in all our lives.

I can't wait to get inspired by Jamie and cook up wonderful food memories for my family and friends!


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Hey Lulu, this books sounds really good..i am still waiting for my copy!!

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