Sunday, October 31, 2004

31st Annual Village Halloween Parade

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The Village Halloween Parade is one of Manhattan's craziest events held every year on Sixth Avenue from Springer to 23rd. This year's theme was "Sweet". Sweet, not just in the literal sense of candy which overflows at Halloween, but in the philosophical sense of letting go - bliss, joy, spontaneity, living in the moment.

Harsha and I joined 2 million onlookers on the streets this evening to catch a glimpse of the 50,000 scarily-clad participants parade on Sixth. We were late to arrive and so ended up stuck deep in the middle of crowds, unable to get a decent view of the unfolding action. But we thoroughly enjoyed the show on the sidewalks, appreciating the trouble to which New Yorkers go to stand out. The Playboy Bunny was the most popular costume among women and Spiderman was a favorite among the men!

Overall, it was delightful to be a part of this crazy party on the roads. The costumes and joie de vivre of all participants and spectators really reflects the creativity and amazing energy of New Yorkers.


Blogger gs said...

reminds me of the 'carnival' in goa which is an annual event.i think this is also an annual affair in portugal who must have started this event when they were ruling goa.there is lot of fun,frolic and bonhomie in such events.for a city like new york where there is so much of work pressure,an occasion like the halloween parade can be a great destresser.

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