Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ruby Foo's Times Square

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You can't escape the sensory overload in Manhattan. Lately, I've been getting a good dosage of bright neon lights and loud chatter at restaurants as well! Tonight I brought it upon myself by choosing to have dinner with some friends at Ruby Foo's, one of the most popular restaurants in the city. I just couldn't help it as I've been here before and the Pan-Asian food (with Thai, Japanese and Chinese fusion selections) is just delicious.

I must warn you though that you will feel like you're at the Chinese Pavillion at the Epcot Center. Bright orange and jet black oversized lanterns evoking those in "The Forbidden City" hang over the Shanghai-style dining room. The open bar area is quite modern in styling while the far end of the room is more traditional and has an exquisite gold statue of Buddha that keeps a watchful eye on all the guests. The place is mostly filled with tourists but there are quite a few pre or post-theatre Manhattanites tucked away in corners, thoroughly enjoying the Asian delicacies although they would not be caught dead seen in an over-the-top establishment like this!

The food here is consistently excellent. There are many options for vegetarians. The spinach and mushroom dumplings melt in the mouth. The spicy eggplant is succulent and very aromatic thanks to the sweet basil used in the dish. The assorted mushroom fried rice has interestiing flavour combinations going on with the soft mushrooms, the crunchy celery and the sharp red onion tidbits. My favourite dish though is the fried asparagus and sun-dried tomato sushi. Sounds a bit off-putting but it's so tasty once you give it a chance - soft on the outside and real crunchy on the inside.

Ruby Foo's also has plenty of choice when it comes to dessert and after-dinner drinks and teas. Try the Bento Box (comes with assorted treats) or the Thai Mocha and Chocolate Sundae!

1626 Broadway
New York, NY
Cross Street: 50th Street
Phone: (212) 489-5600


Blogger Sophie said...

ooo... i am an eggplant super fan! sigh. i want the spicy eggplant sooooo badly right now. with rice.

Here I bought a sauce pack so as to skip all the seasonings! and i will try this friday after work.

3:47 AM  

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