Monday, January 24, 2005

Back in snowy Manhattan!

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After a lovely holiday followed by two weeks of work in Bombay, I am back in Manhattan. I just about escaped being marooned in Frankfurt as JFK was closed the previous day and all flights had been cancelled. On our flight today, we picked up many passengers who had be stranded in Germany because of the terrible weather on the East Coast.

I left Manhattan when it was 55 degrees so today was officially my coldest day in the city and it was only 15 degrees. I shudder to imagine how much colder it can possible get. Now I am finally going to fully experience the wrath of the New York winter that I've heard so much about!

It felt quite strange to drive back into town and see snow piled up on the sidewalks. Few people were outside and those that had to brave the weather were fully protected from head to foot. It was amazing just how much the snow had slowed down the usually frenetic pace and hustle bustle of the city.

I can already predict that I'm going to be ordering-in a lot for evening meals. Back in July when we moved to Manhattan, I started a plastic folder to collect menus from various restaurants that delivered to Chelsea. I lazily leafed through my personal restaurant guide and picked a nondescript Mexican place for a quick burrito. Needless to say, the burrito was as bland as I had sensed from the menu but I wolfed it down, starved from the Asian Vegetarian Lufthansa diet in the past twenty four hours.

Now that I'm back in the States, stay tuned for more regular postings at Lulu's Gonna Love Manhattan!


Blogger gs said...

did i not warn you of the luftahansa asian vegetarian food?.i never liked it and always opted for some fruits and that you are loaded with all sorts of recipes from tarla dalal,maybe the severe cold weather in newyork is an opportunity to try them out.

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