Saturday, January 29, 2005

A million blogs in the naked city!
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And I thought that blogging was still a fledgling subculture dancing on the fringes of the mainstream Web! One look at NYC Bloggers and it's pretty clear to me that there's a lot of creative expression spilling out every second, at least from the five boroughs here in New York City.

NYC Bloggers beautifully organizes all registered blogs by closest subway station. You can, for example, discover who else is blogging in your neighbourhood. Maybe you'll even recognize that person tapping away on her laptop at the Starbucks around the block!

I was fascinated by the variety and sheer volume of dialogue on the blogs I chanced upong surfing this site. Talk about the ultimate reality show, peeping into the daily lives and minds of complete strangers littered across the city. From 9/11 diaries to the frequently broadcast rantings of an overworked and highly stressed NYU student, musings on life in energetic and enigmatic Manhattan to essays on architecture, I'm sure that you'll ferret out at least one blog that really strikes a chord. Happy hunting!


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