Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Uncle Moe's Mexican Taqueria

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It's really hard to find cheap Mexican food in Manhattan but one place that has become my favourite for a mid-week burrito at lunch is Uncle Moe's on 19th street between Fifth and Sixth.

From tacos and taquitos to enchiladas and empanadas, Uncle Moe's has a fine selection of Mexican fast food that can be savoured for all its freshness at one of their picnic style tables. The selection of burritos is particularly impressive. Lunch patrons favour the Watsonville Burrito which is a smaller version of the Californian - beans, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole and any two options from a variety of meats and sauteed vegetables like beans, corn, mushrooms, peppers etc. The burritos are freshly built to order while you salivate over all the goodies that are tightly packed into the tortilla.

The Watsonville's finest flavours are coaxed out by the different salsas that you can load up on at their impressive salsa station. I love the tomatillo salsa which has just the right level of heat for me. I can never get enough of salsa the first time around though and always find myself going back for more sauce on the yummy burritos. That's when I get a broad smile and some idle chatter from the Ecuadorian chap at the cash counter who's convinced I'm Brazilian who can speak Spanish. Of course, I thoroughly enjoy playing the game :)


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