Saturday, May 07, 2005

Cinco de Mayo at Lucy Latin Kitchen

Cinco de Mayo has gotten me California dreaming all over again. I'm feeling particularly bummed to have missed my San Francisco office's TGIT (Thank God it's Thursday) where the margaritas and guacamole were in abundant supply, I heard. I really miss San Francisco and my Mexican hangouts there, especially Casa Sanchez and their fabulous salsas.

Not being someone to pass up on margaritas, I headed to Lucy Latin Kitchen on May 5th with my colleagues to celebrate freedom and liberty on behalf of Mexican-Americans :) Lively, noisy and totally packed with a young, trendy crowd, Lucy was perfect for after-work drinks and gossip. Be warned though that Lucy serves a mean margarita. Trust me, only two and I was totally hammered in a few hours.

I didn't get to try the food but am told they have a fine Pan Latin menu with outstanding ceviches. Sounds like Vegetarians may have a rough time unless they're perfectly happy with chips and salsa for dinner!

Lucy Latin Kitchen
35 E. 18th St.
(212) 475-LUCY (5829)


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