Monday, April 18, 2005

Cook 1.0 bowls me over

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Talk about a refreshing approach to vegetarian cooking! Cook 1.0 is the latest addition to my rapidly growing cookbook collection and I love it already though it only arrived in the mail today from Amazon.

I've been glued to the book since I got home from work. The book is perfectly in sync with the Heidi brand that I've become familiar with through her 101 Cookbooks blog that I read regularly. I bought the book mostly because I wanted to support a fellow blogger's venture into publishing but I also know that I'm the perfect target for this kind of book - I'm vegetarian, I love cooking with fresh ingredients and I like learning basic recipes which I can then customize based on my taste preferences.

Cook 1.0 is just bursting with creativity. The design and photography are superb, the layout is simple and the content is rich. I love how the book is intuitively organized - breakfast, lunchbox, one-dish dinner, sides, spreads*sauces*salsas, sweets and drinks. In each section, Heidi describes a dish, offers tips and then lays out the basic recipe as well as different variations for the dish. For example, in the one-dish dinners section on risottos, I learnt some of the secrets to a good risotto (including the fact that Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are good choices), read Heidi's basic recipe and then glanced at her variation suggestions including citrus, herb garden and tomato risotto. At the end of that section, I felt super-confident about making risottos in general but and also creating my own variation.

The last chapter is devoted to "ideas" and this is my favourite part of the book so far. Heidi offers suggestions for garnishes, tabletop decorations and even menus by occasion. I can't wait to try the star-gazing date menu:
Tapenade with baguette
Spring Butterflies with Lemon Cream
Roasted Asparagus
Freshest Berry Sherbet

Hope you enjoy this book as much as I know I will.


Blogger rums said...

think i'll buy the book, i'm at a complete loss when it comes to vegetarian food :(
amy has posted about 'the victory garden cookbook' which sounded pretty good too, will try and get that as well.
btw, did you get the book i sent you?

8:20 AM  
Blogger Lulu said...

hi rums
i'm sure you'll love the book. thanks so much for kewpie's bengali cookbook by the way - i just received it today. i can't wait to dig in. my gift to you is in the mail...

10:09 PM  
Blogger rums said...

thanks lools! i'm reading another fascinating book by chitrita banerjee called 'life and food in bengal'. it's an interesting read, esp because of her chatty style and elaborate recipes. there are so many things that i didn't know about my own community! i was thinking of sending a copy to you but i guess it'll be an overdose of bengali food????

2:33 AM  
Blogger gs said...

hello rums
i have some bengali veg recipes with me.would love to add to the list.we having a willing maharashtrian cook at home who is prepared to experiment.thanks in advance.

6:44 AM  
Blogger rums said...

hi uncle :) will be more than happy to send you the book, i'm sure you will like it. my husband travels to b'bay quite often and his office is in nariman point, so he can easily send it across. can i have your address?

9:15 AM  
Blogger gs said...

hello rums
thanks for your very generous address is:-gkw ltd,4th floor wakefield house,sprott road,ballard estate ,mumbai.
the landmark is 'brittania restaurant',on the ground floor of the building.only if it is no bother.

2:25 AM  
Blogger rums said...

brittania is one of my favourite restaurants in b'bay. i love the salli boti and beri pulao and the caramel custard there. and yes, a couple of bottles of mangola with the meal.
will send you the book when sanjoy travels to b'bay next.

2:29 AM  

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