Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Modern Greek in the West Village

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Mediterranean food. Small plates. Great selection of wines. Cozy ambience. All these wonderful things come together at a West Village gem called Snack Taverna.

Just off Seventh Avenue at Bedford Street, Snack Taverna is a modern take on traditional Greek cuisine. Almost like Oliver's Twist on Greek Food for those familiar with The Naked Chef.

Their cold spreads were delicious with the freshly made pita bread. The simple salad of tomato, cucumber, feta and olives on a bed of crunchy greens was quite outstanding as it was drizzled with a sherry-fig vinaigrette. If you try just one vegetarian dish, make it the moussaka. Snack Taverna has a light and fluffy version (made with eggplant and potatoes) which literally melts in your mouth. It has an unusual sweetish flavour, almost like caramel custard which makes the dish very unique.

The small plates are very filling so don't go overboard when you order ;)

63 Bedford St
New York,NY 10014
Cross Street: Morton Street
Phone: (212) 929-3499


Blogger gs said...

veggie greek food is very agreeable.i always go to tavernaki,a greek restaurant when i am in dusseldorf.the guys running it are turkish but i suppose they serve genuine greek food.it is always full.but then when i am there i am sort of a vip.they know exactly what i want.i get pitta bread,feta and a plate with potatoes and eggplant on rice.something like moussaka.and it is delicious.i take it with some beer and therfore it becomes very filling.the portion is also pretty large and sufficient for 2 persons.and then they serve the house liquer.for the walk back to my hotel-michaelangello.it is a very satisfying experience.
didn't the vedic people migrate from greece thousands of years ago!

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