Friday, October 15, 2004

Soup for the soul

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I'm a HUGE soup fan. It's getting colder in Manhattan these days and I all crave at lunch is a never-ending bowl of heartwarming soup.

I really miss the San Francisco Soup Company and their fabulous selection of soups, especially vegetarian ones like their famous Southwestern Corn Chowder. There are a few places I've found near work that offer soup, but I'm yet to chance upon an establishment that's entirely dedicated to soups.

There's the Fifth Avenue Epicure (Fifth at 19th) that has a decent selection of soups but my big complaint with them is that there are very few healthy and veggie options. Chop't seems to have soups at lunch as well but given their focus on salads, soups for them are quite an afterthought.

My preferred place to grab a bowl-o-soup and get back to work is Craft, conveniently located right opposite our building. Though they are not entirely dedicated to soups, I do relish their gourmet soup of the day selections. This week alone they've offered Potato Leek, Curried Lentil, Carrot and Roasted Tomato. The soups are always topped with special touches like chopped tarragon or finely shredded parmesan and come with delicious breadsticks.

Craft is the brainchild of Tom Colicchio (of Gramercy Tavern fame), a famous NYC chef, and won the 2002 James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant in New York City. You should check out Craft the next time you're in the mood for some soup to warm your soul...


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