Sunday, October 10, 2004

Blue Ribbon Bakery for brunch

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Brunch is a very Manhattan thing to do. There are a ton of great places to choose from and they serve eggs right till 5 pm. Where else in the country does half the population rise only after 2pm on Sundays!

Frankly, I've been a bit slow to warm up to the whole brunch thing. Firstly, I'm not really "in the know" of the best brunch places. Secondly, waiting in line for over an hour sometimes is quite a drag. And most importantly, I'd rather be out on the golf course or tennis court in the early afternoon rather than sitting down to eat yet again after the previous night's indulgences.

That aside, I am beginning to enjoy the brunch offerings at the different places we've brunched at in our first few months in Manhattan. Today we visited the Blue Ribbon Bakery & Cafe, a charming little restaurant in the heart of the West Village. (Note to self: Are there any restaurants in the West Village that are not ooooozing with charm?) We were seated downstairs in the cozy brick cellar. We didn't mind that at all since it's been a pretty gloomy day anyway.

The waiter arrived with a basket of fresh bread of many unusual varieties - mushroom and ham, raisin cinnamon and regular french. Given how ravenous we were, we quickly polished off the basket even before we could order orange juice and coffee! Harsha ordered steak and eggs which he said was quite delicious. It reminded me of our holiday in Argentina when he had steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Radhika and I ordered poached eggs on a tomato and jarlsberg melt on a large slice of challah bread. Anila had the egg salad sandwich and Sunil picked the poached eggs with bacon and shrimp. I hadn't heard of challah bread but learnt from Radhika that it is a type of Jewish bread that is made with a lot of eggs. It was very tender and rounded out the flavours of the poached eggs perfectly.

We loved the cozy atmosphere in the cellar so much that we plan to return for dinner soon. I read on that they have a fabulous selections of wines and cheeses. And that the cream of tomato soup and the stuffed mushroom ravioli pillows are standout dishes.

33 Downing St
New York, NY 10014-4748
Cross Street: Bedford Avenue
Phone: (212) 337-0404


Blogger gs said...

the last brunch i remember having was with lulu at the oberoi.we are early morning risers and getting up very late even on a sunday is absolutely blasphemous.therefore brunch is normally not an option and we stick to the traditional breakfast followed by lunch.
but by all accounts your description of the great brunch you had at blue ribbon bakery is tempting enough to make one experiment with a brunch session one of these coming sundays.of course the spread will be entirely different.for the record,i will send our brunchy experiences.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Joseph said...

ahh brunch - you should try 9th street market on 9th street btw 1st and A (i think..) - Vanilla bean brioche french toast with a huge mound of fruit.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Lulu said...

thanks, joseph. vanilla bean brioche sounds so delicious...

8:10 PM  
Blogger friskyfeminist said...

Delightful pictures and snappy text but I'm waiting for a more soulful piece on women. We are more than hangbug buyers, manicure getters and cosmo drinkers after all. I know you have it in you. Am awaiting the "like water for chocolate meets lulu's gonna love Manhattan" MS publishworthy posting.....

1:52 PM  

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