Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dashing Diva

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I had an outrageously enjoyable manicure today at Dashing Diva, a nail spa and boutique in the heart of Greenwich Village. My friend, Shivani, suggested that we catch up over cosmos and manicures at this much talked about nail salon and I gladly accepted her invitation.

The place is painted in shocking pink and has a very modern design aesthetic. I was amazed by the 200 plus shades of nail polish on display! They even had shades of blue and black which I have never seen before. And for those into the artifical variety, there was a wide selection of fake nails with designs ranging from the classic to the totally punky.

Being in rather indulgent moods, we decided to splurge on the All-Out Diva Manicures. We sat at adjoining nail stations and yapped away while our Korean nail specialists worked their magic on our nails. I've had many manicures, but this was the first in which my hands were dipped in a paraffin bath. Shivani explained that paraffin helps seal in the moisture and makes the hands as soft as soft can be. I also enjoyed the citrusy exfoliation and the relaxing arm and hand massage.

My only regret is that they weren't serving cosmos today. Apparently it's only a Thursday or Friday evening promo. Shivani and I will be returning soon for cosmos and perhaps the Spoiled Diva Pedicures next time around!

Dashing Diva is located at 41 East 8th Street, between Broadway and University Place, near NYU and a short distance from Union Square and SoHo.


Blogger gs said...

about 10 days back,i visited iz and after a very long time got a manicure and pedicure job done.iz is now called "yuva" and the boys and girls working there wear smart uniforms.it was afternoon,hardly anyone there.i therefore got immediate service.but it was heavy on the purse.it was manicure and pedicure simultaneously.lots of these boutiques have cropped up all over mumbai.there is the kaya clinic which specialises in skin treatment.also many ayurvedic spas have mushroomed.all in all,there is a new awakening among men to look better.exercising is of course de rigouer.a beautiful body is a great asset.and in due course boutiques will also spring up for equipping one with a beautiful mind.
the combination can be awesome.

11:52 AM  
Blogger gs said...

one more comment on boutiques.i am in bangalore today and am staying with np. np went to the kaya clinic in bangalore that i mentioned about in my earlier comments.they prescribed a very nice oil to prevent hairfall.she loved the ambience and their service was extraordinary.the girls there are good-looking and very smartly dressed. the doctor explained the condition of her skin and the treatment that would be required in great detail and the best part of the consultation was that it was absolutely free. who says there is no free lunch?

10:02 AM  

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