Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Gates in Central Park

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I have to shamefully admit that I did not make the effort to go see the art on display in Central Park even though I had sixteen days to do so. I can easily blame on it on my travel schedule or the freezing cold. But it was just lack of intiative and I really regret not having made the effort, especially now that the gates have been taken down.

That Christo and Jean-Claude's artistic ambition was realized after 26 years is testimony to the old proverb on perseverance and its role in success. When you read about all the obstacles this couple overcame in order to see thier dream come true, you really understand the power of staying true to your cause without wavering.

Here are a few links if you feel like reading more about this amazing endeavour:

New York Metro article on Christo and Jean-Claude's Gates

The Food Section's post on the Gates - Food Section is a New York Food Blog I read often


Blogger gs said...

thhis is absolutely unbelievable.christo and jean claude's joint efforts over 26 years culminating in the 'gates'.may the gates of heaven open to them for their painstaking and brilliant artistic execution.lulu,you should not have missed seeing it.

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