Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sa Woy Thai in the Upper East Side


Some restaurants are way more attractive than the food they serve. Sa Woy Thai in the Upper East Side is one of those places that justify their high prices for average food by totally bribing us with their stunning decors.

I met an old college friend for brunch on Sunday at Sa Woy. The brightly painted walls, the ornate brass lamps looming over the bar, the gorgeous Thai antique pieces and a young, hip Thai waitress blended well to create the perfect ambience for the chef's modern take on traditional Thai cuisine.

Unfortunately, the food was not as memorable. The summer rolls had way too many herbs and raw julienned vegetables stuffed into a wrap and its dipping sauce was rather bland. The noodles with shiitake and eggplant were totally unpalatable as soon as I detected the beef broth in which the noodles must have been cooked. The only saving grace was my coconut lemon grass soup with assorted vegetables which I doused with generous quantities of chili sauce and chilis in vinegar.

I may go back to Sa Woy but only for a cocktail in a nice atmosphere after a stressful day at work - but only if I lived close by, which I dont. Highly unrecommended.

1479 First Ave.
(212) 744-6374


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