Monday, September 05, 2005

Sania at the US Open '05

I feel so lucky that I got to see Sania Mirza play at the US Open. We weren't planning on going at all but H managed to get two tickets for Sunday at the last minute so we showed up and were incredibly fortunate to have watched some of the best tennis in the world.

We took the 7 train from Grand Central to Flushing Meadows. It took about half an hour. The subway was not as packed as I had anticipated but you could clearly tell the tennis fans from the locals. Once we got to Flushing, we breezed passed the lines and got straight to the President's Gate which is the VIP entrance to the stadium. We lucked out in getting incredible seats in a law firm's suite on the mezzanine level. One of the GS partners that H works with has all sorts of connections through which he got two tickets for us. So generous of him to treat us to a day of fabulous tennis, lots of champagne and fine food! Now of course, H is more of a slave to GS than ever.

The first match was the best of the day in which Hewitt beat Dent in a thrilling five sets. I was rooting for Hewitt just to go against the crowd and was duly rewarded. Dent lost so many opportunities to seize the match but played an incredibly sharp game against a never-say-die Hewitt.

The second match was an emotional one for us as Sania Mirza, Indian's rapidly rising tennis star, was pitted against Maria Sharapova, seeded number one. Deep down I probably knew that Sania did not stand a chance but I cheered enthusiastically after every single shot she won. There were pockets of Indian fans scattered throughout the stadium who chanted "S-a-n-i-a, S-a-n-i-a" and clapped at regular intervals. I was most impressed by Sania's fierce backhand and crosscourt shots but her serve has a long way to go. She converted only 22% of second serves so pretty much every time she faulted, my stomach churned as I knew she would lose the point. Sania lost but India won. It's so incredible to have an Indian woman athlete on the center stage of one the greatest sportings events in the world.
I have no doubt that will all the international coaching she is getting now, she will soon be an incredible force to reckon with.

The third match was Serena versus Venus Williams:

Their first set lasted as long as the entire Sania versus Sharapova match. Both sisters were in top form but Venus just seemed more determined to win and she did.

Many family members and friends cheered them on including their mom:

Serena's dog Jackie sat on her friend's lap and watched the entire game:

But I guess Jackie's suport and cheerleading wasn't enough to overcome big sis's comeback to the game. I think Venus is going to be champ next Saturday.


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it must have been a fantastic experience.and can you imagine that of all the days on that day our tv transmission was very poor thanks to the cablewallah.looking forward to seeing all the final matches.are you betting on the winners.surely h must be if not you.

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