Sunday, October 23, 2005

Amy's Bread at Chelsea Market

My father is visiting me from Bombay. H hasn't visited Manhattan in more than 10 years. I took him on a long walk this morning to show him around Chelsea, my neighbourhood. We spent twenty minutes at the Whole Food Market where I shop regularly and then we walked along 23rd street to the West Side Highway. From there we went down till 15th and then headed east to the Chelsea Market on 9th Avenue. It was very cold this morning and I was wearing three layers including gloves but my dad was bearing the elements with just a T.shirt and a rain jacket. The sun hasn't made an appearance as yet but at least it's not raining hard like it was yesterday.

At Chelsea Market, I showed my father the different shops and restaurants including Sarabeth's, Bowery Kitchen, Chelsea Thai and BuonItalia. He loved the atmosphere of the old factory turned into a foodie's delight. We were tempted by the delicious aroma of fresh bread coming from Amy's Bread so we went in and succumed to some savoury treats including an onion rosemary focaccia and a cheddar biscuit. They both were super fresh and hit just the right soft, chewy and salty notes. I also picked up a loaf of country bread as I'm having friends over this evening for cocktails so they can mingle with my dad. I'm going to make antipasti from Jamie Oliver's new cookbook.


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