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My friend Larry recently showed me his stylish, tres cool and very ingenious tea maker that he bought from Adagio Teas, an online purveyor of gourmet tea. Admitted, this segment doesn't make a dent on billion dollar brands like Lipton, but gourmet tea has a loyal fan following that is steadily growing. And we have Starbucks to thank for this actually as it was Tazo that first ignited Americans' passion for better quality tea.

Larry generously allowed me to sample some of the teas from his collection and to try out his new tea brewer which sat proudly on his desk. I had some rooibos earl grey (despite Larry's warning that it smelt kinda weird) that actually tasted a lot better than it smelt. It was robust with a hint of bergamot, just the way I like my earl grey.

The ingenuiTEA brewer is truly an innovation that simplifies the whole process of tea making (not that I don't like cleaning the tea strainer!) and makes it super-convenient to brew different types of tea all day long. Check out the video demo on Adagio's website to see just how stylish and fun this tea brewer is.

Given my obsession for tea, Adagio's website was pure delight. The easily navigable site seamlessly draws you into the worlds of many varieties of tea. Assam Harmony seems perfect for the mornings while chowing down cereal and catching the headlines on the WSJ before scurrying to work. Almond is premium black tea from China flavoured with slivers of roasted almonds that would be an ideal post-lunch pick-me-up. And Ginger promises to unwind all the tension at the end of a long working day.

Don't know if you guys agree with me that there's something magical when you sit down with a cup of tea that you just don't get with coffee. Tea seems versatile enough to get you going, soothe your nerves, help you destress and even get you ready to fall asleep. Coffee seems nothing more than a rude wake-up call in the morning.

Anyways, if you're as into tea as I am, you'll love all the banter and wisdom to be found in the community space at TeaChat. Be sure to browse through the TeaMap to find the nearest tea rooms in your neighbourhood.


Blogger Lulu said...

I messed up - I'm still trying to figure out how to change images on blogger and so deleted the previous post accidentally. Here are the prveious comments.


gs said...

Tea is tea and coffee is coffee and the twain shall never meet.Each has its own diehard followers or shall we say addicts.There are few who will tolerate both.
In India,while the north,east and west has mainly tea lovers,the south with the exception of kerala is hooked on to coffee.It would be interesting to study the history of the tea/coffee drinking habits of these people.
I for one start my morning with a cup of tea(with milk and sugar).I keep a packet of green tea in my office and help myself to this variety during the day.Excepting of course a little after lunch when I feel like taking a siesta.I then make a beeline for my nescafe to remain awake.
In sum,I think the teahabit is better,healthier and should help one to live longer.

8:38 PM  

Lulu said...

I'm really surprised to hear you say this, Dad. Where is the good brahmin in you? You're supposed to be a kaapi person!

8:43 PM  

BoyCaught said...

Lools, you may also want to check out the "Republic of Tea" ( I'm going to comparison-shop and see how their service compares with Adagio.

1:28 AM  

gs said...

well,i am proud to be a blueblooded brahmin.but the fact is that i never ever lived in the bastion of the tamil you really cannot accuse me of betraying them.having lived most of my life in kolkata and mumbai,i definitely have a preference for tea over coffee.even at home during my young days at kolkata it was the morning cuppa tea that my father always i said ,in balance,tea is definitely a safer addiction than coffee.that has been scientifically the hardcore brahmins better wake up to this reality.

7:28 AM  

3:02 PM  
Blogger gs said...

that was a bit of a messup indeed.i was a bit taken aback this morning while visiting ingenuitea while having my morning cuppa tea.i initially thought it was part 2.and when i saw it wasn't wondered where the comments had disappeared.
now you mentioned about lipton.i thought tata's tetley had a larger market share.will the marketing gurus update me on this?.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Nish said...

Hey uncle,
i love both coffee and tea, so cant agree that the twain cant meet - just very particular that it is well-made. I am particularly fond of the lovely peaberry I used to have at your place, which was Lulu's favorite too. But I agree that tea is definetly a gentler, healtier stimulant

1:44 AM  

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