Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tofu Udon Soup at Republic

Republic is a surprisingly affordable but trendy noodle house in Union Square that I visit often, especially at lunch when there is time to eat away from my desk. Not having the luxury of time this week, I ordered in. I was worried that the soup would get cold by the time it arrived but that wasn't the case.

I highly recommend the tofu noodle soup for vegetarians. It's tastiest dish on the menu but only after you add lots of spicy sauce! Tofu udon miso broth is the base to which udon noodles, fried, soft & firm tofu, tibbon seaweed and bean sprouts and other greens are added. This dish has an amazing combination of textures from the fried tofu to the silky noodles. Be warned: you've got to love tofu to enjoy this noodle broth!

37 Union Sq W
New York
(212) 627-7172


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