Saturday, March 12, 2005

Chaat gets popular in New York

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Chaat, the lip-smackingly delicious Indian street food is now more easily available in New York city thanks to its growing popularity with Indians and non-Indians alike. The New York Times' Dining Section has a lovely article entitled Mumbai to Midtown, Chaat hits the spot. Here you can read all about this delightful type of food which comes in delightful flavours, textures and degrees of spiciness. I would choose any type of chaat, any time, any day over any other food. That's how much I love chaat.

I've eaten at Dimple's in Midtown but was not that impressed. Their pani puri doesn't even come close to Kailash Parbhat's in Bombay and their pav bhaji is a not a patch on the one I grew up on at Sardar's. I'll have to check out Sukhadia's Sweets though that is mentioned in the article and see how it measures up. I've heard that the chaat shops in Jackson Heights are where you get the best pani puris, papri chaat and pav bhaji. Now if I can only motivate myself to take the train there.

But since I live pretty close to the Indian Grocery stores on Lexington and 27th, I like to make my own chaat no matter how time consuming. All the ingredients are easily available (including readymade pani puris) so it's quite a breeze to whip up chaat once the grocery shopping is done.

My favourite source for recipes is Tarla Dalal's "Chaat", a fabulous cookbook just like all her other zillion ones. Here you'll find all the famous recipes ranging from the simple ones like bhelpuri and dahi vadas to the more elaborate hariyale tiki aur chole. You'll even find a recipe for the famous North Indian kathi rolls. My mouth is watering just writing this post!


Blogger gs said...

your love for chaat though well known,maybe i should remind you that you are also very fond of pav bhaaji.i have been visiting sukh sagar at chowpati of late to pick up packed pav bhaji for folks back home.the pb is great and i therefore decided to put it on my,you will see that soon.and can you look out for any such joint in manhattan?.

8:37 PM  
Blogger gs said...

nyt had a 1300 word write-up as reported in mid-day.jumbles of flavour and texture:sweet,sour,spicy,crunchy,soft,nutty,fried and flaky tidbits,doused with cool yogurt,fresh cilantro and tangy tamarind sprinkled with chaat masala,a spicy mixture that is itself wildly eventful.what a comprehensive definition!.so the love of mumbaikars is being passed on to new yorkers as well.hope it will integrate ino their lives as much as mumbai's mouthwatering chaats.lulu,you will soon have a neighbourhood bhelwalla.

7:21 PM  

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