Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Buon Italia

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For the best imported Italian foods in Manhattan, look no further than Buon Italia in Chelsea market. This store is a must-visit when I have to stock upon on EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), San Marzano whole peeled tomatoes, assorted Italian cheeses and of course, Cerignola olives.

What I love most about Buon Italia is the limited selection of best-in-class products. It's such a refreshing change to choose from a few high quality products (that you know are right on the money) rather than sift through dozens of olive oil or pasta brands each time you're in the store. As an avid consumer of gourmet foods, I'm particularly vulnerable to new packaging and products (that don't always deliver) so I rather like the limited selection.

I picked up some Cerignola olives when I was in Chelsea market this weekend. These bright green, almost supersized olives come to us from the Adriatic coast of Southern Italy. They're fabulous as a snack, especially at the bottom of a perfect martini. Cerignola olives also pair well with bite size chunks of Parmigiano.


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