Saturday, March 26, 2005

GOOD for brunch

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Greenwich Avenue in the Village is lined with more than thirty popular eateries including Soy Luck Club and Taqueria de Mexico. The best place for brunch among all these restaurants is a homey yet chic spot called Good.

We met my friends Shivani, Mahir and Uz for brunch at Good today. Uz got there at 11:00 a.m. sharp when the doors opened so was able to secure us a great table. Usually the wait runs over an hour I'm told! The place felt homely and comfortable. The brunch menu featured regular favourites like eggs, pancakes etc but with a Latin flair. For example, there were corn arepas (a traditional Colombian dish) with fried eggs and queso blanco. There were so many interesting items on the menu, I had a really hard time deciding what I was in a mood for.

I finally went with Shivani's recommendation of the breakfast burrito (scrambled eggs with green peppers, chorizo, pepper jack cheese and salsa) without the tortilla and the chorizo but with extra salsa. The waitress was trying to smile despite how complicated I was making it for her. I loved my dish - the eggs were cooked to perfection with the cheese and salsa adding just the right punch. The berry and banana juice I ordered with the eggs was a great accompaniment to my meal. Shivani ordered the same dish with a side of chicken sausages which she said was good. Uz loved her scallion, tomato and goat cheese omelette. Mahir ordered scrambled eggs with some veggies which he enjoyed. And Harsha (the most health conscious of us all) got a bowl of homemade, maple nut granola heaped with fresh fruit, which he said was extremely filling.

We all shared a bread basket that had some awesome house-made breads like cheddar cornbread, buttermilk biscuits and caramel pecan mini-loaves. Everyone seemed to be watching carb intake though so the bread did not vanish as fast as I had expected it to!

Good was not just good but a great place for brunch!

89 Greenwich Avenue


Blogger gs said...

the picture of the bread basket looks very inviting!.actually,in my school days my mom used to coax me to eat eggs as i was very thin and the doctor had instructed that i needed to put on was first the boiled egg with way.then she tried plain egg with the white and yolk with a garnishing of salt and worked.a degree better but no big shakes.she then decided to put me on the omlette.and it worked well.i liked it and then that continued for many years till i completed engineering.
blasphemy in an iyengar family to be eating eggs.but then it goes to show how mothers will break traditions for the sake of their children!.of course as a joroo ka gulam,i had to become a strict vegetarian after parents were happy(for my mom her limited purpose was already served)but then i was sad that i had to give up my boiled eggs on toast,omlette,tandoori chicken and maacher jhal.isn't that a bit too much?
and last night we decided to have a light dinner.amma had brought different types of bread-til,masala,nan etc.and kamakshi produced a fantastic tomato and peas bhaaji which went marvellously with the bread.needless to say all this was preceded by white wine-south african and called rising river,cape white.a medium-bodied wine with a long and lingering was an enjoyable and calorieless dinner and something weightwatchers and particularly harsha would have enjoyed.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Lulu said...

you have no idea how many calories bread has! and a dense bread like naan has a gazillion...
i applaud your eforts to have lighter dinners and skip dessert) but don't for a second think that bread is light by any stretch!

11:09 AM  

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