Monday, March 28, 2005

Chelsea market

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What was once an Oreo cookie factory is now a gourmet food lover's delight in the heart of Chelsea in Manhattan. Between ninth and tenth avenue at 15th street, Chelsea market's million square feet is shared by about twenty five top notch food retailers and housewares stores.

I spent a few hours this afternoon, wide-eyed and in awe, strolling from one shop to the other, mentally making note of all the goodies I wanted to purchase at some point. I felt transported to another era almost while shopping this way. It was such a refreshing change from the usual, sanitized grocery store with its perfectly ordered aisles and predictably eye-popping displays. At Chelsea market, part of the charm is in hopping from one shop to the next, discovering different items every time one visits. The merchants here are really savvy about rotating items and luring shoppers with daily specials so no trip to the market is like any other. I'll share more details on some of the most interesting shops at Chelsea market in my next posting. Stay tuned!


Blogger rums said...

i know what you mean. though i've never been to the chelsea market, i've been to the french market in new orleans and it was a wonderful experience.

5:08 AM  
Blogger gs said...

i read somewhere that chelsea was earlier an industrial area and that the factories in course of time had to be closed down because they had become unviable and of course the prices of real estate had gone up which could have also been a factor to put the shutters malls and residential buildings have come up on these lands.I am sure some of the old structures are being partly preserved and used for commercial purposes like the chelsea market etc.
for example,the same thing is happening in a place like parel where most of the textiles mills are closed,gradually the lands are being sold and replaced by residential towers/shopping malls.some of the new owners are preserving the old looks in parts and giving the place a period ambience.

8:53 PM  

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