Monday, March 21, 2005

Teas' Tea addiction

I'm totally addicted these days to a cold, bottled beverage that's nothing but purified water, high quality tea leaves and vitamin C. It's called Teas' Tea. This unsweetened (but somewhat sweet tasting), calorie free drink is a perfect complement to just about anything I eat at lunch. At $3 a pop, it really blows my budget but I rationalize by foregoing my regular Starbucks, non-fat, no-foam, chai tea latte in the afternoons!

Don't know if it's the antioxidants or my mind at play, but I do feel a sense of rejuvenation and a burst of energy after finishing a bottle of my favourite Green White, one of the many flavours available. On days when I'm not very hungry, I opt for a light sandwich and the Green Hoji, a roasted green tea whose toasty and smokey flavour just fills me up.

Teas' Tea is owned by the Japanese company Ito En, whose flagship tea store was voted by Zagat as the number one tea destination in the city. The company also owns Kai restaurant, which was voted Best Japanese by Citysearch in 2003.


Blogger gs said...

I too have started drinking plain tea without milk and sugar for the last one month or so.Though I have my normal cuppa tea in the morning,I have my afternoon and evening tea which is green tea leaves with plain hot water.It does keep me light and energised.
Incidentally,team india have also started on an invigorating drink which contains essential vitamins and minerals and which gives a tremendous boost to their energy levels.Produced and marketed by a company in Bangalore,it has become a great sensation with the cricketers.Little wonder then that,Pakistan got a thorough thrashing in the second test!.
Lulu,tea taken in the manner the Chinese/Japanese do can be extremely beneficial to one's health and vitality.I encourage you to visit Tea's Tea more often.

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