Monday, September 19, 2005

Pita as pizza base

Whole wheat pita pockets make a great pizza base. I whipped up a gourmet pita pizza on Saturday afternoon that H totally loved. I lightly brushed some pita pockets with some olive oil and stuck the tray in a 350F oven for about ten minutes until the pita bread was nice and crisp. In the meanwhile, I took out the homemade pesto and slow roasted tomatoes I had prepared last weekend while I was hanging out in the kitchen. I also found a jar of pepperonata that I had made several weeks back. Once the pita bread was cool enough to handle, I spread some pesto on each baked pita, placed a slow roasted tomato and then sprinkled some pepperonata and finally drizzled a lit bit of extra nice extra virgin olive oil. Voila, an easy meal bursting with the flavours of basil, roasted tomatoes and peppers was ready to eat.

You can use all your creatvity with different ingredients to create yummy pita pizzas. I think fig and blue cheese pizza will taste great. Or fontina cheese and wild mushroom pizza. Or you can always stick with a simple tomato, bazil, mozzarella combo which is sure to be simply delicious.


Blogger gs said...

i picked up 2 nos of pitta bread from the club shop yday.that is for my office lunch today.will try out what you have done.

3:52 AM  
Blogger rums said...

that looks yummy, i have tried doing something similar but had to eventually eat it like a frankie, will try your oven trick next time.

11:02 AM  

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